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Outdoor Fitness Parks - The value of this fitness equipment is outstanding.

Cities and towns are making an investment that demonstrate they're there to make their communities stronger. It goes beyond making a community physically healthy; it's actually building community ties together.Our Fitness series is the best way to enhance your outdoor fitness trail or area. Q-Fitness™ allows for one or two people to use a piece of equipment at the same time. There is a wide variety of options for enhancing your normal routine for stretching and cardio training. Any of our fitness packages give you the ability to isolate upper or lower body development, as well as abdominal/core development.

Designed to meet health needs and promote active living amongst teens, adults and seniors in your community, this equipment provides opportunities for users to prolong their active life by increasing mobility and flexibility. It goes beyond making a community physically healthy; it's actually building community ties together.

Here's some of our equipment options:

  • Double Chest and Double Leg Presses
  • Double Back Massage
  • Single & Double Ski Runners
  • Single Fit Rider, Double Pendulum Swing
  • Single & Double Gliders
  • Triple Body Twister
  • Stretching & Tai-Chi Wheels
  • Double Sit-Up Bench, Double Shoulder Rotator
  • Rowers, Sport Boards, Dip Station
  • Hamstring Stretch, Horizontal Bars
  • Pushup Station
  • And more

We have installed outdoor fitness equipment for the Towns of Athabasca, Barnwell, Blackfalds, Blackie, Brooks, several in Calgary and Edmonton, Drayton Valley, Edson, Evansburg, Glennifer Lake, Grande Prairie, several in Hanna, High River, Lanley, and New Norway in Alberta; the Towns of Balgonie and Meadow Lake in Saskatchewan; Carmen and Notre Dame De Lourdes in Manitoba; Fort Francis in Ontario; and a couple in Barriere, British Columbia.

To create a fun social fitness environment for your community, check out our current catalogue, call us Toll Free at 1-800-663-6711 (Local: 403-556-7300).

The Playground Guys (A Division of The Sweetman Group Inc)
Box 4031, Olds, Alberta Canada T4H 1P7
Phone: 780-819-2581
The Playground Guys post many pictures of our playgrounds on our Facebook page. The Playground Guys is a Proudly Canadian company.